Anacleto Rey del Norte 5 Registers  Blue Metallic Compact

We present to you the Hohner Anacleto from the Rey del Norte series, handmade in Italy in Metallic Blue with a chrome grille in Fa tone and compact in size. In creating the Anacleto series,  HOHNER  consulted with the world's most famous artists to specifically address key dimensions, tactile feel, and smooth mechanism action for accurate reproduction.

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In the Rey del Norte III accordion you will   find a system with  5 Registers  or “ Switches ” which provide a variation in the sounds of your accordion. To achieve this peculiarity, this system provides 3 blocks of voices in different octaves and vibrations on the same note or tone, which when combined in different ways through a rod mechanism connected to these Switches that close or open the holes feeding of air a specific voice when pressing its button or corresponding key, this generates a different acoustic sound in the same note, for which this is a highly recommended accordion for musicians who spend hours in the recording studio looking for a different sound for each melody.

Anacleto Rey del Norte 5 Registers Blue Metallic Compact

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