Cantabella Revolution 634 Matte Gray - 2 Tones 6 Registers

Quality, Fineness and Dedication.

Cantabella Revolution are dedicated to freshness, youth and innovation; Inspired by Italian sports cars and in limited edition. Painted by hand to obtain aesthetic elements of high quality and durability; producing a deeper, more robust, clear and original professional sound.

"The Cantabella Revolution model is our masterpiece"

The best quality of voices handmade by ARTIGIANA, aluminum machinery of the highest quality, voices and shoes welded to their respective blocks in the most traditional way of Italian craftsmanship with the best quality wax and highly durable and resistant components. .

Cantabella Revolution CR-634

It has 4 blocks of handmade artigian voices and 6 switches or registers to be able to change the sound in a tone or simply to change the accordion of tonality, these accordions come in tones of FA AND SOL or FA AND MI the model SOL AND MI it is also available on special order

Cantabella Revolution 634 Matte Gray - 2 Tones 6 Registers

    • Manufacture: Italian
    • Color or finished: Gray
    • Treble buttons: 34
    • Bass Buttons: 12 (Optional Voice Blocks)
    • Registers / Switches: 6
    • Tonality: Fa and Sol
    • Type of voces: Artigiana
    • Hardware color: Silver
    • Straps and clasps color: Silver
    • Grill: Black
    • Size: Regular
    • Includes: Padded case and professional straps

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