Cantabella Rey II 5 Register

Cantabella  Rey II has been a 100% Italian manufactured accordion in all its components made in Matte Yellow with Black designs and a Chrome grill in F tone and 5 registers. It has a machinery and high quality aluminum metal mesh and an unforgettable design. It has a more aesthetic and curved body with a 10 ° backward tilt fingerboard to make it more comfortable by being closer to the accordionist's body. The cajon has been reduced in size to be lighter and help you play longer on stage. 


Cantabella accordions are manufactured in Italy under strict quality standards with the finest woods which are duly treated to maximize their durability and with the best quality handmade voices to have an unmatched sound. They are specially equipped to interpret northern music. These accordions can be seen and heard played by the King of the Accordion Ramon Ayala himself and other incredible artists like Raúl Sánchez. Look no further! If you are looking for an instrument created to have the most accurate voice for regional Mexican music. 

Cantabella Rey II 5 Register

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