The Rossetti Valentino is part of the Rossetti Pro Series that offers player's a high-quality accordion designed and ready for the stage! the Valentino is a three-row diatonic accordion with big bellows for a full and robust sound. Featuring premium German-made reeds that delivers a big robust high-quality tone that will fit any genre of music. Perfect for intermediate and pro players alike, the Valentino includes a hard-shell case and straps. Features: 31 Buttons, 12 Bass, No Switch Diatonic Button Accordion, High Quality GERMAN Reeds, Large Pearlescent Italian Style Black buttons for easy play, Reinforce Bellow Corners for Longer Life, Custom Grill Design with 18 Fold bellows for Bigger Sound, Slide Lever Air Valve for Best Intake, Adjustable Hand Strap,Single Straps Hook on Each side for Easy Shoulder Straps Attachment, Dimensions: 13’’ x 7’’ x 12’’, Weight With-out Case: 10lbs / With Case: 15lbs, Includes: Premium Hard Case and Two Deluxe Adjustable Shoulder Strap.


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