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Accordions are the staple of our store. You could say, "it's what sets us apart from other music store." We love the accordion and we take special care of all accordions that arrive to our store. When accordions arrive they are checked for any defects from the manufacturer, they are played to ensure the reeds are well tuned. We also check for any air leaks and unusual sounds. Once an accordion has passed our quality control it is stored in a climate controlled room. To ensure that your accordion is kept in the best conditions, so you get exactly what you expected.


Hohner offers accordions for all levels from beginners, intermediate and to professionals which include their staple the Corona II Classic. It is the top choice for many accordion players who seek that classic accordion sound. If you're looking to add more sound to your accordion we recommend the Anacleto Collection which are made in Italy and come in 3, 5 and 6 registers which allows you to explore more beautiful accordion sounds to add to your music. Our mission here at Constellation Musical Instruments is for you to have the best experience every time you play your new Hohner Accordion. Whether it is a Panther to a Corona II Classic, you can be sure that you will get a great sounding and very playable accordion that is hand made with high quality materials and some of the best accordion makers in the world.