Bajo Quintos

Bajo Quintos for Sale in Santa Ana

Formerly known as the Bajo Sexto, the quinto has a slimmer neck and less tension on the bridge. Very well known for it's rustic steel string sound that resonates in corridos which are folk tales made into music. Which is where Norteño music comes from. We have bajo quintos for beginners and professionals. You will commonly hear a bajo quinto being played with an accordion as they both compliment each other very well. At Constellation Musical Instruments, we aim to be as style inclusive as possible, especially for traditionally underserved genres such as Norteño, Sierreño, and Banda. We proudly carry top brands like Pasaye, H. Jimenez, Tapia and Del Rio. That’s what makes us the first place you should look for bajo quintos for sale in Santa Ana. We offer a large selection of these 10-stringed instruments available for players of all skill levels. And for beginners, we also offer in-person lessons starting at $16 an hour. For more information on any of our bajo quintos for sale in Santa Ana in English or Español, give us a call today at (714) 418-0186.