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Bajo Quintos


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Bajo Quintos Del Rio

By Enrique Pasaye

The Del Rio brand came from the need of there being an affordable but premium bajo quinto that is made in Mexico and can be accessible to anyone, living any where in the U.S. and Mexico. Hand made by Enrique Pasaye and his team in Tijuana B.C. with over 20 years of experience in making guitars and bajo quintos. These quintos are light weight, they have a thinner neck than your traditional quinto and have a truss rod to adjust neck bow. Del Rio bajo quintos are made of only the best pieces of mahogany, walnut, Cedar and spruce. They come in a smooth textured satin finish. At Constellation in Santa Ana, California you will find top quality bajo quintos from brands like Del Rio and E.Pasaye. 


Del Rio is the perfect choice if you're looking for a premium instrument that will be great to learn, record and play in a "grupo". At Constellation Musical Instruments we are here to make it easy for you to own one of these gems. We even have options to add a SKB hard case and an EMG Pick-up with free installation. 

Now you can apply for easy financing for bajo quintos using Affirm at check out or with Paypal financing. They allow you to split the purchase of a bajo quinto into monthly payments with no interest! 

How to tune a Bajo Quinto

Bajo quintos are tuned in fourths. A,D,G,C,F with the A and the D doubled in octaves and the G,C,F are tuned in unison. We recommend using a chromatic tuner like the ST-8 from SNARK. Bajo quintos have a rich and rustic sound. That has a beautiful ring to it, you can get some amazing harmoniks from stainless steel strings on your bajo quinto. 

Bajo Sextos and Quintos for Sale in Santa Ana, Orangy County, California

At Constellation you will always find a wide selection of bajo sextos for sale. We understand what your looking for in a bajo quinto. We make great efforts to deliver bajo quintos top quality bajo quintos to your door step. Before we ship a bajo quinto it goes through a set up to make sure the action is just right. We like our action as low as possible without fret buzz although a small amount of fret buzz adds to that rustic sound of the bajo quinto. If you live in Santa Ana, CA stop by our store and check out these amazing instruments.