Music Lessons

Book your first music lesson today! Don't  keep putting it off, the sooner you start learning music the better. As music takes time and practice to develop your talent. Our lessons are in person in a clean and creative space.


Let us be a stepping stone in your musical journey. Whether it is your hobby or your career we tailor your lesson to your needs and goals. 


Semi - Private
Lesson $25 / hour

- An affordable way of taking music lesson

- A more casual environment

- Shared Instruction 

- Learn at your own pace

- Recommended 1 - 3 Hours per week


Lesson $45/ hour

- A more tailored & focused attention to your individual goals.

- Enjoy playing by yourself in an acoustically treated room.

- Full attention of instructor for the entire duration of the lesson.

- Receive concentrated feedback on your progress.

- Recommended 1 - 2 Hours per week. 

Meet Our Instructors

Playing Piano
Profe Arturo.png

Arturo Sanchez

Over 35 years of experience teaching instruments like the guitar, bass, accordion, bajo quinto, drums and much more! 

Girl with Guitar
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Mauricio Molina

Over 25 years of experience teaching instruments like violin, guitar, piano.

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Music Lessons
Orange County - Santa Ana 

Are you interested in learning how to play a musical instrument and live in or near the city of Santa Ana? We welcome everyone and anyone to come learn the mysteries of music. It is a great rewarding feeling to teach music and we focus on making it enjoyable and rewarding to you too. Teaching music makes us happy and it is something we work hard to do. If you are just starting, let us be your stepping stone to your musical journey. It is never too late to start learning music, we have students of all ages. The minimum age we accept is from 5 years old and there is no maximum age.