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Recording Studio Equipment for Sale in Santa Ana

Any time you step into a recording booth, it’s important to have your gear ready to go quickly. Otherwise, you’re just wasting money. That’s why you should step into Constellation Musical Instruments before going into the booth. We have the best selection of recording studio equipment for sale in Santa Ana with an experienced staff to provide expert advice. We strive to serve underrepresented genres such as Norteño, Sierreño, and Banda. Our recording essentials page consists of interfaces like the Scarlett USB Audio Interfaces which is used by producers and musicians to create music from anywhere. We also carry Novation midi controllers and beat pads which are used to create any beat you have in mind. Check out the microphone page where you can find a great mic to record vocals and instruments. For more information on any of our recording equipment for sale in Santa Ana or to place an order, call us today at (714) 418-0186. You’ll speak to a representative in English or Español who can help you find exactly the item you’re looking for. 

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