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Choosing an Accordion

Accordions are versatile music instruments that are part of the free-reed aerophone family. They make sound by pushing air through sets of reeds, with bellows controlled by the player. There are a variety of accordions, each with its own features and playing style. Whichever style you’re looking for, you’ll find what you need here at Constellation Musical.

Button Accordions

Button (or diatonic) accordions have buttons on the melody side as well as the bass side of the accordion. They are famous for their distinct sound and smaller size, and you'll often hear them in traditional folk music such as Tex-Mex. They are ideal for anyone looking for a portable instrument that still has a rich tone. We have a large range of button accordions for sale, but for some of our top picks, check out this great Hohner button accordion for sale, or alternatively this SofiaMari accordion.

Piano Accordions

Piano accordions are characterized by a piano-style keyboard on the right-hand side and a series of buttons or switches on the left-hand (bass) side. They are highly flexible instruments suitable for a variety of musical genres including classical, jazz, and folk. Piano accordions can be very dynamically expressive and are favored by both soloists as well as ensemble players. If you’re looking for a great piano accordion for sale check out the Hohner Bravo III 72.

Anacleto Accordions

Anacleto accordions are top of the line accordions, made by hand, known for their exceptional craftsmanship and premium materials. They are even sometimes custom-made to the player's specifications with ornate decorations and superior reed quality. Because of this, professional musicians prize Anacleto accordions for their unparalleled sound quality, responsiveness, and aesthetics. One of our favorites is the Hohner Anacleto Rey Aguila, available to purchase here: Anacleto accordion for sale

Accordion Accessories

Lastly, there are several accessories that can improve the playing experience and protect your instrument, including accordion straps and accordion microphones, as well as cases and stands. For example, check out the Harmonik AC5001-HQ for a quality accordion microphone.

Ultimately, the best accordion for you is one that matches your playing style and budget and is satisfying to play. For assistance in selecting the right accordion and accessories, don't hesitate to give us a call at 714-418-0186 and we’ll guide you through the options.

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