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Choosing a Guitar

Here at Constellation Musical we offer a superb range of both acoustic guitars and electric guitars. Alongside these we carry specialist instruments including ukuleles and even vihuelas. When choosing between the different types of guitars out there, the first question is whether you want to play unplugged. If that’s a yes, then your best bet is to check out our acoustic guitars section. There are plenty of options, from classical guitars to acoustic-electric guitars that you can amp up, as well as play without amplification. If you’re looking to play an edgier sound on an electric, we also have a great selection of electric guitars, including solid body as well as hollow body electric guitars. Last but not least, you’ll find guitar accessories, guitar amps and guitar strings available right here on our website as well. Stock up now for all your guitar needs.

Acoustic Guitars

Guitars are believed to have been first created in Spain, sometime in the 1500s, though not with 6 strings at that time. It wasn’t until much later, in the 1800s, that the commonly known guitar shape and design became more standardized. With a variety of acoustic and acoustic electric guitars for sale like this fantastic Takamine acoustic guitar, we’re proud to offer something for everyone. Not only will you find six string and twelve string acoustic guitars, we also have classical guitars and mini-acoustic guitars for sale.

Electric Guitars

Likewise, we have a great selection of electric guitars, including this Ibanez electric guitar for sale, perfect for beginners or pros on the tour bus. Just remember that with an electric guitar, you’re going to need some amplification to be heard at a decent volume. This is because electric guitars make use of pickups to transform string vibrations into electrical signals. You can then amplify these signals with a guitar amp. Whether you’re interested in a solid body or hollow body electric guitar, feel free to give us a call and we can help you figure out the best option for you.

Guitar Accessories

A guitar isn’t truly complete without the right accessories, and you’ll find everything from guitar tuners, straps, cases, stands and even this handy fret polishing kit here at Constellation Musical. What’s more, we even carry some specialist guitar accessories that you can use to up your performance game, like the D’Addario CinchFit Jack Lock or the D’Addario O Port Sound Enhancer.

Guitar Amplifiers

Starting around the 1920s, instrument amplifiers began making their way into the marketplace, though very slowly at first. Amps generally fall into one of four categories: tube, solid state, hybrid and modeling. Also, amps are composed of two separate pieces: the amplifier and the speaker. If you see ‘combo amp’, you know you’re looking at both of these pieces combined.

Ultimately, to go loud with your electric guitar or acoustic-electric guitar, you’re going to need some amplification. And we’ve got just the ticket. Check out our range of guitar amps including some great Peavey amps like the Peavey Rage 258 25-watt combo amp.

Guitar Strings

Ah yes, what to do when a string snaps. Fear not. No matter if it’s for your electric, acoustic or classical guitar, we have an excellent selection of strings from a variety of brands. Whichever tension you prefer when playing, as well as the tone, you’re sure to find the right match. Check out our range of acoustic guitar strings where you’ll find Elixir’s POLYWEB and NANOWEB offerings available to purchase. We even carry the legendary classical Savarez guitar strings, which are a great option for classical guitars.


The perfect travel instrument, ukuleles have their origins in Portugal in the late 1800s. From there they were then introduced to Hawaii. Ukuleles typically have four strings and come in one of five different sizes: soprano, concert, tenor, baritone and bass. The deeper the tone, the larger the ukulele. Among our favorites is the Cordoba ukulele range, like this Cordoba 24S soprano ukulele. Cordoba’s 24 series ukuleles are also available in concert, tenor and baritone sizes.


Some say that the vihuela is the original stringed instrument, from which the guitar as we know it now later developed. Due to its unique sound, in the modern era you’ll frequently hear it in Mexican music styles, like Mariachi music. It produces a strong, clear tone that is perfect for standing out. Check out our full range of vihuelas for sale and try out this unique instrument today.

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